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Yoga For Back Care [DVD] [2004] [UK Import]

Yoga For Back Care [DVD] [2004] [UK Import]
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A healthy and vital back is key to long life. With chronic back pain reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S., having a gentle, natural, effective means of finding relief is essential. For back pain sufferers, yoga can bring lasting results. For everyone else, yoga can create and maintain a strong and flexible back, vibrant at any age. Yoga for Back Care is both an educational and inspirational program to bring you greater awareness of how to care for your back. Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee leads three practice sessions to explore and understand your back, build strength and improve flexibility, and restore a healthy back. The special DVD edition includes the complete practice, an analysis of yoga s effectiveness on back health from a Western medical perspective and a bonus sequence of poses to help improve your posture when seated.