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Reebok Yoga Set

Reebok Yoga Set
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The Reebok Yoga Set is excellent to improve your posture, tone muscles and burn calories. The set contains: yoga mat, block, strap and instructional Reebok yoga DVD. This set is a perfect gift for you or someone else looking to tone muscle, burn calories and improve posture. This take-anywhere, bundle-up, roll-out yoga set comprises an easy-clean mat, which is suitable for everyone from beginner to expert, a block - used for cushioning, supporting the head and for added lift and a strap to help you reach the parts that other yoga aids can't.


2farbige Yogamatte (L 182 cm x B 60 cm) aus umweltfreundlichem Schaumgummi-Material Matte inklusive Verschlussband mit Klettverschluss Yoga-Block (23 x 12 x 8 cm) Yoga-Gurt (250 x 4,5 cm) farblich passend 2farbige Yogamatte (L 182 cm x B 60 cm) aus umweltfreundlichem Schaumgummi-Material. Inklusive Verschlussband mit Klettverschluss sowie Yoga-Block (23 x 12 x 8 cm) und Yoga-Band (250 x 4,5 cm)