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Mindfulness Practice Box Set (Complete Guide): Letting Go, Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga. Embrace the Present & Release Attachements.: Foundational Understanding, ... Personal Growth) (English Edition)

Mindfulness Practice Box Set (Complete Guide): Letting Go, Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga. Embrace the Present & Release Attachements.: Foundational Understanding, ... Personal Growth) (English Edition)
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Discover the Full Richness Life Has to Offer by Uncovering the Path to A Calm, Peaceful Mind

Do you find your mind constantly replaying the same conversations in your head over and over again?
Do you often find it hard to simply calm and relax due to an over-anxious mind?
Do you want to discover the strategies to become more mindful and aware in all aspects of your daily life?

This Mindfulness Boxset is your complete guide on how to live a happier more meaningful life by increasing your conscious awareness.

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Publisher’s Note: This expanded edition of The Mindfulness Practice Boxset includes FRESH NEW CONTENT to help you get on with living your life right now.

The advantages of mindfulness meditation remain numerous. It is not only a fantastic concentration exercise, but the healing effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and anxieties are well-documented.

Here is a Preview of What You'll Learn...

  • How Buddhist Mindfulness Principles
  • Understand What Attachments Are & How We Can Release Them
  • Explore Our Attachment to People, Relationships and Situations
  • How Frustration Develops & Techniques to Release Tension
  • How Our Perspective Shapes Our Reality
  • How to Identify Harmful Environments & Methods to Change Them
  • Understand the Importance of Forming a Support Group & How To Do It
  • Practical Aspects of Mindful Meditation: Postures, Duration, Clothing, Timing
  • Breakdown of Various Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) & Calming Exercises
  • Comprehensive Breakdown of Hatha Yoga
  • How to Emulate Breathing Techniques that Ancient Yogi have practiced for centuries
  • Over 14 Yoga Poses with Detailed Instruction and Colour Photos
  • Proven Strategies to help us Become More Present
  • Strategies to Release Anger Effectively
  • Fundamental building blocks in How We Become a New Person
  • Much, much more!

  • This book will lead you to the path to finding yourself, developing a fresher outlook on life and to understand how to deal with stress, anger and attachments. Learn what it takes to fully embrace life and let go of the self-created frustrations.Discover techniques to handle some of the challenging situations with a clear, calm mind and make conscious and reliable decisions.

    These teachings will not only let you feel more comfortable in your skin, but will also make you a happier person. Most importantly, you will have the ability to let go of non-beneficial thoughts and move on with a renewed sense of living.

    Check out What Others Are Saying..
    "This is one of the best self-help books I've read. It actually made sense and addressed what it said it would do, which in my opinion is a rarity in these types of books. Like any self-help book, you must read it smart and not take everything the author says as gospel, but see how much of it really applies to what you are looking for. I highly recommend it for anyone hanging on to a lot of old hurts and struggling to get past certain portions of their life. If you have 'stuff' back there that is hindering the here and now, then I highly suggest it.- Audrey, August 2015

    Live the life of happiness, peace and fulfilment that you deserve.

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