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Beginner's Yoga Bible: Top 35 Illustrated Poses for Better Health and Strees Free Life (English Edition)

Beginner's Yoga Bible: Top 35 Illustrated Poses for Better Health and Strees Free Life (English Edition)
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Your guide to fit and healthy body and a pleasant mind

In today’s busy world people struggle to stay healthy and fit. They seem to be tired and unhappy all the time. It has become quite rare to see joyful people. We are a generation that has attained greatest level of convenience. We have technologies for our comfort that were never ever possible in the past. The level of convenience is greatest that any generation has ever witnesses. But can we claim that we are happiest and most healthy generation of all. Well, maybe not, today people talk about stress, pain and diseases like these are part of life. There are many mid-age and even young people living on this planet whose survival has been dependent on the medicines they take.
There is something fundamentally wrong with our life style. We need to change it so that we are able to live peacefully without diseases. Diseases have been living with us for a long time, now it is time to say them goodbye. This book is going to give you a new way to stay healthy and happy. It takes you through various yoga poses that can help you attain the fit and lean body that you desire and deserve.
Every pose in this book is covered in great detail with pictures to help you perform the pose perfectly. It gives you detailed steps to perform each pose. If you are just starting out then it might be difficult for you to perform certain poses. We have a special section named “Beginners tips” for each pose so that you can start with a relatively easy version of the pose. Once you perform the easier version of the pose you can gradually build up your strength and flexibility to perform the full fledged pose.
Yoga provides many benefits to you both physically and mentally. But if you want to focus on specific benefits of a pose then you can quickly find the benefits of each pose as we cover each of major benefits of the pose. Not every pose is meant for everyone, some poses should not be performed by people suffering from specific diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma etc. We describe precautions for each pose so that you don’t end up doing something even worse to your health.
To help you even further, we provide you with this free ebook on meditation, carefully formatted as per standards of amazon kindle devices. 

******** Free Book on Meditation!! (link inside the book) ***********
Meditation complements yoga poses in a wonderful way. While Yoga poses takes care of your physical health, meditation will provide you with mental strength. It makes you aware of yourself and your surroundings so that you can live a happy and joyful life.

So leave your laziness behind and set on a journey to attain fit and healthy body.